Earlier this year, Vuuzle Media Corp’s name was dragged into the negative light rooted in a number of false allegations. These fallacies reached the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), clearly purposed to tarnish the clean name of the company that took years to build.

This unfortunate incident, of course, affected the company and its team members. When the complaint was made public, Vuuzle Media Corp just launched its newest venture: the Vuuzle Studios in Dubai. The dream-turned-reality feeling of everyone ended shortly because of the nightmare caused by unsolicited fallacies, which the whole Vuuzle Media Corp does not deserve.

However, amidst this unfortunate event, the company remains unshaken. Vuuzle Media Corp’s founder Ronnie Flynn, along with the whole team across the globe, vowed to stand with the company. Everyone has dedicated a special space of their lives for Vuuzle Media Corp, and not a single soul in the company would think of trading years of hustling for nothing — especially with lies.

Tangled fallacies may seem to take over today, but the truth will always sort everything out. Vuuzle Media Corp was built along with sacrifices, and continuous hustle. Every employee it once had, and currently has, contributed a part of his/herself to what growth it has now. Amidst everything, Vuuzle Media Corp will still uphold its vision of providing a new era of entertainment across the globe, and continue to become beacons of truth and honor.

In view thereof, please take time and read the response of Vuuzle Media Corp against SEC’s allegations through the following documents: